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New Years Resolutions That Are Realistic, Attainable, And Simple Enough For Guys To Stick To

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Make the coming year your best one yet. Another year is in the rearview and 2022 has just begun. Taking a look back on another tumultuous and pandemic-ridden year, it's important to find ways to stay positive and improve ourselves for the next. After a rollercoaster ride that seems to have no end in sight, here are my top resolutions I came up with that are realistic and simple enough for you to stick to while becoming a better version of yourself.

1. Unplug for a while.

We live in a beautiful world despite everything negative going on around us. You can't experience this if all you do is spend your life on TV and Facebook. Take a few hours each day and turn off your devices, unplug from the Internet, and get outside. I recommend going on a hike, but reading a book or staring at some clouds works too—basically anything you can do to keep away from the screen.

2. Get in shape. Work out more.

Want to feel better, have more energy, and even add years to your life? Exercise.

The health benefits of regular exercise or physical activity are clear. Everyone has the means to work out and the benefits from exercise can be seen regardless of age, sex, or physical ability. If you can't afford the gym, there's no excuse because working out at home gives the same benefits. You may not get the same results but it's still a form of exercising and works just fine. Doing any physical activity indoors or outdoors will work. Keep moving around and remember sex still counts as some form of exercise activity.

3. Read More.

Nothing stimulates your brain more than reading physical books. It is much better for your brain than surfing the web or watching negative crap on TV. Let's make this New Year about a healthy body and mind, and throw some reading into the mix.

4. Save Money. Buy less crap.

It’s easy to throw all your money away on nice things such as jewelry, expensive clothing, bad tattoos, and fancy food. This year, I suggest being more mindful when it comes o discretionary spending. Material costs are increasing on just about everything these days from cole cuts to gas, clothes, cheeses, drinks, etc. It's ok to conserve and save. Nobody will judge or care of you any less. Saving just $50 bucks a week over the span of a whole year will give you another $2,500 in savings to do whatever you want.

5. Work better at your craft and try your best to follow your passion.

When you do what you love it makes you happier and feels less like a job. Focus on getting good at something and allow the passion to follow your skill. Pursuing your craft and passion can be challenging because it takes a lot of time and dedication but In the end, it's worth it.

6. Don't Watch The Stock Market.

The markets can be very volatile and watching the numbers fluctuate all day can increase stress levels. This past year was a turbulent year with many gains erased by the end. Due to the many uncertainties, I would urge caution with investing heading into 2022. It seems like the rising costs due to inflation, worker shortages, and emerging variants are here to stay and not disappearing any time soon. Since there are so many outside factors at play affecting the stock market daily my advice is to stop watching. It will drive you insane.

7. Prioritize Sleep.

When your body's natural immune defenses are down, that means you're more likely to get sick. Lack of sleep can also affect how your body responds to vaccines, which is another reason to prioritize good rest. To put this simply, you're not sleeping enough. Go sleep and then take another nap.

8. Have More Sex.

Let's face it guys think about sex often so why deprive yourself. Sexual energy gives males the drive and aggression to pursue their life’s purpose and work. Sometimes it takes the fantasy of a sexual reward at the end of a hard day. Keeping everything in moderation is my rule. For women, sexual desires may be brought on by some emotional feelings or connection but for men- the desire is 99% of the time always physical. Males have lots of testosterone coursing through our bodies which leads us toward sexual expression. Erections can be sprung at the slightest thing and react differently for all of us. It's healthy so go have sex.

9. A little meal prep..

Meal prep requires a tad more discipline than the previous resolutions discussed. Since my goal is to make this attainable- let's not make it overwhelming. I suggest approaching this with one meal in mind at a time. Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, or just save some time meal prep can be beneficial. When your schedules are busy, it's hard to find time to cook every single day which can lead to a meal possibly getting kicked to the waist side. I don't know about you but oftentimes I'm eating mindlessly, paying little attention to the nutritional value of food consumed. Skipping a meal every now and then is ok, but overeating at the next meal in order to satisfy the hunger is never good. To avoid this bad habit, I suggest prepping a meal that you are most likely to skip. Focus on one meal to start - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Figure out how many days ahead you want to prep for and get moving.

10. Keep your house and car clean.

Keeping your spaces both at home and in the car clean is a great way to start the new year off fresh. Let's not forget about organizing. The objective here is don't live in filth. I like to think of cleaning the same as getting a haircut. It will make you feel happier and give you confidence.

11. Rearrange furniture and invest in some wall decor.

Every home can use a little refresh, especially if you're working remotely from home. Whether you just need to change up the look or are sick of your living room, bedroom, or bathroom there's no better time than now. Sometimes just repositioning your existing furniture or purchasing some badass wall décor can create a whole new vibe you never dreamed of.


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