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Behind the name

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About us. We're obsessed with comfort and confidence.


KNucks by definition is a fist bump used often between guys in place of a handshake without realizing it .We want our brand to represent that positive feeling in your day.  Our slogan “feel Confident, Be Authentic” embodies our commitment to helping males feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. 


We are an independent, LGBTQ-owned, and founded-controlled business based in Hudson Valley, New York. Our promise is to make high-quality sexy underwear and a range of products to promote confidence among males of all body types. 

Our products are tailored to meet the needs of the average guy, while also ensuring inclusivity for transmen and individuals of all gender identities. KNucks is also dedicated to promoting body positivity. 


Unique Design


1. The cords on the crotch

The innovation that sets us apart.  Every pair of KNucks underwear comes standard with 3 sets of elastic cords sewn over the pouch outside. Aside from design aesthetic, these cords added to each pair help to adjust your package and keep your boys nestled inside comfortably.  

2. The leather label

Nick Rico 9-8-183043indigo_edited_edited.jpg

Our most unique attribute. Every pair of KNucks underwear comes equipped with a sleek leather cowhide label.   This feature completes the look to fill our sneaker fetish and also secures our next innovation- The pull tab.  

3. The pull tab

The third feature shown above in each pair of KNucks underwear is the pull tab.  Because most of us don't use the traditional keyhole for accessing a pull tab was added for your finger to pull down and access your junk while going to the bathroom. This is also so your underwear doesn't fall down to your knees when you're unleashing the beast. It can also be used for your partner to pull down for access.  

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