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Men's Health Month: 4 Essential Healthy Habits for Men

Updated: Jun 12

June is National Men's Health Awareness Month. In addition, this month we also celebrate Father's Day, and also LGBTQ Pride Month! You know what that means Men- it's time to pat ourselves on the back, take charge, be unapologetic, and stop procrastinating. Before we touch on some healthy habits, I'd like to start off with a short Happy Pride Message -- It takes courage to stand up for who you are. Celebrate yourself no matter what and be proud of it. I'd also like to send a Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there. Now that all that's out of the way, it's time for a challenge. Let's pick one thing this month to commit to, whether it's going to getting screened, eating a healthy meal, exercising, or buying sexy underwear.

It's important for us men to lead through example and encourage our fellow counterparts. Being aware of the changes and different health issues we face as we age is so important. As a male myself, over 40, I've experienced changes personally along with a variety of scares that arise as the risk for diseases begins to increase. This year, I'm going to focus more on making better diet choices as well as lifestyle changes to improve my overall health and well-being. What are some habits you guys are focusing on?

Here are 10 things I do religiously every day that I want to share.

Daily to Do List:

1. Spend at least an hour a day outside.

2. Perform some sort of exercise- sex, lifting weights, etc.

3. Drink A gallon of water

4. Spend quality time with loved ones

5. Put on a fresh pair of my underwear- KNucks

6. Shower and put on deodorant

7. Complain- (I need to change this)

8. Be appreciative of the good stuff in your life

9. Drink a cup of coffee

10. Do something productive

List of Healthy Habits:

Healthy Habit #1: Have More Sex

Sex counts as moderate exercise. In addition to getting some vitamin D from outside- The energy exerted between the sheets can be compared to the same energy expended during a jog. The calories burned and intensity level of 25 minutes of sex is high enough to be equal to a brisk walk. Sex daily = good health: orgasms can reduce stress and depression and increase the body's immunity to infections like the common cold.

Healthy Habit #2: Sit Less

Hours of sitting at your desk at home or in the office can have a negative impact on your health. In the last year, studies are piling up suggesting that sitting can increase your risk for colon and endometrial cancer, disability, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. I fall victim to this with my profession but always make sure to take breaks, get outside and walk.

Healthy Habit #3: Avoid Stress

Unlike sex, stress isn't good for the body and can increase your risk for stroke. This is a hard one to track but the takeaway is easy. Just set some time aside to relax and always listen to your body.

Healthy Habit #4: Choosing the right choice of underwear

This is an area that I could say I'm familiar with and know pretty well. Having tried everything out there and making my own underwear, I recommend exploring and taking some time to figure it out. The right choice of underwear can be compared to finding your favorite cut of steak. Steak and underwear can both be pretty intimidating. For example, have you ever been to a steakhouse and it seems like an endless list of steaks to choose from? When searching for underwear the experience is not so different and can feel similar. Men's bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Just like steaks- there are different cuts and types of underwear out there made to suit each of us but may also vary according to one's personal preference and taste. If you are a taller guy or have very stocky legs, I would say boxer briefs you will probably find to be the most flattering. However, If you're shorter in height, then briefs or a pair of trunks would better complement you. Last but not least- is the universal Jockstrap which you can always count on. Jocks are one of those rare things that for some reason just works well on everyone. Back to steaks- the Ribeye is known to be the most juiciest or flavorful cut. Tenderloin also known as Filet or a filet mignon cut is said to be the most tender. If underwear were ever compared with a steak, our KNucks would fall somewhere between these two.

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