2022 Spring Style Guide For Men: The Essentials

Updated: Mar 31

The time has finally arrived for warmer temperatures and fewer clothes.

After a long winter, we can all use some well-deserved sun. With April and May approaching, we can start to put away the sweaters, and coats and start deploying our springtime arsenal. This style guide is designed to help you construct a basic wardrobe that's versatile.

What are the trends?

As men, there is this notion that guys could care less about what they wear. I think this holds some truth but not for all. Males really only need a few quality pieces to make a statement vs women who tend to have excess. Simplicity for males is key in addition to understanding the importance of making good first impressions. In many ways, this translates to the clothes we wear. Here's a list of 8 must-haves to prepare.

1. White Sneakers.

For spring, you should always have a pair of white sneakers and at least one pair of formal shoes at your disposal. When it comes to staying stylish year-round, it's all about footwear and I recommend investing in classic, timeless pieces that don't go out of style. We should think of our wardrobe as an investment. You don't have to spend a lot but it's good to have a variety.

2. Linen.

Linen is the ideal fabric for summer weather. It's lighter and thinner than cotton so it wrinkles but looks great. Any color you can't go wrong but if you want to play it safe- white and tan colors would be my recommendation. These are pretty versatile and can be worn with any bottom whether it's matching linen pants, jeans, chinos, khakis, or shorts. Just bear in mind when wearing linen pants- the fabric is see-through due to the breathable material. This could generate some buzz especially if you are wearing colored underwear or going commando.

3. Pima Cotton Tees.

Pima is a type of cotton with longer fibers than regular cotton. This makes the quality better because the fabric is a lot stronger and softer against the skin. Traditional cotton T-shirts are of course doable year-round, but I recommend trying Pima during the warmer months. The difference is night and day.

4. Short-sleeve button-downs.

Some guys are smart and just roll the cuffs up on their long-sleeve button-down rather than buying another shirt. This is efficient but its' always good to have some short-sleeve options in your closet. SS shirts look great in any style- solid colors, plaids, or patterns.

5. Shorts.

It’s time to put those pants in storage and bust out the shorts. As the name implies, when you buy shorts they should be short, fitted, and just above the knee depending on your height. If you prefer shorter go ahead. Back in the day wearing shorts down to the ankles was a huge thing. Looking back I was guilty of doing this myself but it never made much sense so let's leave it in the past.

It's a good idea to own different types of shorts based on your lifestyle and the occasion. Anything made from a cotton, cotton blend, or moisture-wicking fabric is usually the best for warmer temperatures. To start- you can never go wrong with having a bunch of multicolor pairs of solid chinos or khakis in your arsenal. I also suggest keeping at least one pair of pattern shorts and a pair of light color jean shorts. Lastly, don't forget to buy 5 or so pairs of sweat shorts & basketball shorts if you are active. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is when wearing a patterned bottom to always pair it with a matching pattern top or choose a solid color shirt.

6. Boat Shoes.

No matter your opinion, it’s clear that boat shoes are classic staples that won’t go anywhere for a long time to come. Boat shoes usually are constructed of canvas or leather and are great for the heat. Loafers are very similar and also work. All I ask is that you stay away from Crocs.

7. Sunglasses.

It may seem straightforward enough to pick a pair of sunglasses off any rack but there are actually a lot of things to consider when purchasing sunglasses. The process can be daunting so I recommend narrowing down the style options by your face shape. Most of

us don't fit perfectly into one category. There are several hybrids out there which is why it is good to get another opinion. Take a buddy or girlfriend along with you and don't be shy to get other opinions. Ask shoppers nearby or associates what they think when trying a pair on. The end goal is to leave with glasses that fit and aren't too small or big. The lenses and frames are more of a matter of preference. Wayfarers or aviators are classics that you can't go wrong with.

8. Watch.

All men should wear a watch. Timepieces are hardly used for telling time these days now that everyone has smartphones but are more about making a statement. If your sleeves are rolled up what's the first thing you notice?

A good rule of thumb is to wear one everywhere and get in the habit of taking your watch off at the gym, before showering or taking a swim. For the spring, I recommend going for a casual piece over dressy but it all depends on your preference. Guys tend to have this idea bigger is better for some reason when it comes to watches. I've been guilty of this too but nowadays we should buy a watch that fits our wrist and body. Nothing too bulky. Whether it's an expensive Rolex, cheap Timex, field, diver, aviator, racing, mechanical, chronograph, quartz, or smartwatch it doesn't matter. Just rock it and like it.


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