How To Develop Masculinity and Raise Self Esteem

Updated: Jan 7

Let's face it when you feel manly and embrace your masculinity, life is amazing.

Embrace your masculinity through cultivating manly habits and pursuing relationships with other men is essential. It's easy to get stuck in our heads thinking anxiously and endlessly worrying about our jobs, health, and relationships, to the point where we second guess ourselves. Often times when this occurs we act unsure of ourselves which can cause us to lose focus. It's important to always guide decisions by one's natural desires and not seek the approval of anybody but ourselves.

During the pandemic, there was a large portion of time spent to reflect and I realized how much I’d compromised myself. Because of this realization, I felt it was important to share my plan which guided me back to “reclaiming my manhood and stop being a pussy. When you lose a little bit of your masculine edge that you always had and that's been your savior throughout life it sucks. My hope for sharing these tips is that you find them relatable and useful.

1. Start pursuing relationships and activities with other men.

Since you joined this site congratulations on taking the first step. When we spend time with our buds on a regular basis, we’re able to build meaningful relationships and alleviate some dependencies that may exist.

Participating in masculine activities with your bros is better than just playing video games and shooting the shit but any activity is fine. What are some activities that you can think of? Playing sports or being wingmen for each other breeds a certain sense of camaraderie that only men can provide each other.

2. Go to the gym and practice manly hobbies.

The only way to cultivate your masculine energy is to embrace it. There's no better way to do this than by lifting weights to boost testosterone levels and through the practice of other manly activities like playing competitive sports, martial arts, or going on a nice hike. These things can help get you in touch with your natural strength.

3. Take care of your body. It's your temple.

This is a no-brainer. Without taking care of our health, we simply cannot improve ourselves, our masculine energy, or our relationships with other people. Eat good food, practice good hygiene, get some sleep, and do some form of exercise every day. This will help give you energy, boost your mood, and allow you to tackle things head-on with a clear head. Be honest. What guy doesn't want a strong body? Cultivating strength through lifting weights gives some mental toughness and improves character. It's an essential masculine duty.

4. Recognize yourself and be respectfully unapologetic.

In order to be independent, you have to first recognize yourself. At the end of the day, all you have is you and want to remain whole after all of your daily activities. If you feel drained or like you are being stretched in multiple directions from others you have to take control. Communicate with assertiveness and be unapologetic but do it respectfully. This can take some practice but will be worth it.

5. Spend 10 minutes a day practicing mediation.

Just ten minutes of meditation a day can sharpen your thoughts, lower blood pressure and boost your masculine health. Close your eyes, take some long deep breaths, and before you know it you will be embracing masculine energy and thinking more clearly.

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