Valentines Day From A Male Perspective

Do Guys Care About Valentines Day?

Most men would probably agree with this feeling when I say that we don't. It's a question most women in relationships with men want to ask, but probably never do because they're scared of the response they'll get. I'm sure the feeling doesn't vary much but can change slightly depending on age, relationship status, and whether you're in a heterosexual or gay relationship. The pressure created by a day someone somewhere thought it would be a good idea to designate February 14th as a day for expressing love seems unfathomable. On top of that, someone decided we need to celebrate by buying flowers, candy, and cards for our loved ones. I don't mind pampering sometimes but is it something required to make your partner feel special? Ultimately in a healthy relationship, we should always want to show our partners that we love them.


Here's how men really think about Valentine's Day and what's expected of them.

1. It's just a normal day.

2. Love is something you can express daily. Don't understand what makes this particular day any more special.

3. I want to get her/ him something that shows I care but on my terms- not because it's another holiday where it's expected.

4. It's good if you're looking for a night out to a nice dinner. Most restaurants run couples deals.

5. Spoiling your partner guarantees you some sex. Let's face it Valentine's day should be more of a "sex holiday", than a commercial "Hallmark" holiday.

6. It's nice but isn't this the whole point of what having an anniversary is for. Anniversaries are better.

8. February 15th falls after the Chinese new year and serves as a friendly reminder that spring is around the corner. This is a reason alone to celebrate.

9. It's too much work.

10. Valentine's was better when you were a kid. Who didn't like getting candy and chocolates from your mom?

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