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The idea for KNucks Underwear started about 5 years ago and was inspired by my love of sneakers. As a teenager, I always had the latest releases and can remember my first pair of Air Jordans. Aside from being comfortable and stylish, they gave me a feeling of self-confidence and pride while wearing. 


The purpose of creating KNucks underwear was to improve upon function through unique design features and open the door for a new space where sneakers and underwear could coexist in the same retail environment.


I couldn't wait to wear my new sneakers but after the first few days, they ended up going right back in the shoebox to avoid getting dirty. To overcome this obstacle, I purchased a few cans of sneaker cleaner and became obsessed with keeping them clean.   Getting a scuff on a brand new pair of $200 sneakers is like driving around in a nice clean BMW and then it rains. Long story short, to this day I still take pristine care of my sneakers and vehicles.


The male body requires some maintenance daily just like your automobile and sneakers. Now let's talk specifically about why upkeep of the male undercarriage is so important. The undercarriage is made up of many parts that come in contact with each other frequently through daily activities. This creates friction and can lead to sweaty unsanitary conditions. 


Once the underwear came to fruition, I wanted to develop a product that was safe for applying to everywhere on the body and could also be applied to clothing. The idea for KNucks Refresher Spray came about from existing products not addressing my personal needs. For over a century, males have used the same antiperspirants & deodorants which contain high levels of aluminum. These compounds work to reduce wetness by blocking your underarm ducts from producing sweat. Antiperspirants worked well for the most part but were limited in use since they can only be applied to underarms. As a result, early on I developed the common habit among males to substitute other products for down there. These ranged from messy powders, roll-ons, and different sprays to keep dry and mask odors. After learning about the potential links between Alzheimer's disease and aluminum, I became more conscious of personal hygiene. For a brief period, I even tried switching over to natural deodorants. Unfortunately, these products just didn't stack up, which led to going back to my old antiperspirants. Feeling disappointed with the lack of options, I decided it was time to develop a better solution. Through the help of American Spray Techs R&D team, our formula was built from the ground up precisely for maintaining both areas. 


The purpose of making KNucks refresher spray was to offer guys a multipurpose alternative to antiperspirants that tackles the male undercarriage and also works on underarms.  

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