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KNucks is

            Reimagining men's hygiene and underwear 

The first sneaker inspired underwear and multi-purpose deodorant.   Our products are designed for active males and made from high-quality materials.

Coming Soon: 

 Refresher Sprays

Inspiration. Culture

Celebrating masculinity and Male camaraderie 

Made in the USA


What is KNucks?


We are setting the new standard for men's underwear and hygiene. Hands down KNucks Underwear are the most comfortable pair you will ever wear. Our patent-pending design structure was built to embody the look and feel of your favorite athletic sneaker. KNucks refresher spray is different from antiperspirant and works by absorbing moisture rather than stopping your glands from producing sweat.  It helps maintain sensitive areas dry while eliminating odors, providing cooling relief and making sure things stay hydrated.


Unlike other powders and deodorants, KNucks is multi-purpose and can be applied safely to just about anywhere on the body.  We promise our formula won't leave any residue or make you feel like your wearing a messy diaper. The best part is KNucks can also be used directly on sweaty clothes or sports gear. Sweat soaked clothes that rubs against the skin is one of the main causes of chafing. Our niche products were developed specifically for males with active lifestyles and have been tested thoroughly for claims and use on sensitive areas. 





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Bassel Bashjawish - MMA trainer at UFC Gym

The KNucks spray is amazing!! I’ve been doing Jiu-jitsu for 3 years and every time after training I’m sweating all over! Since I’ve met Nick at the UFC Gym in Mahopac he told me all about the spray and even let me use a sample. It’s by far the best spray to stop sweaty balls

D Dot, Former Athlete

It works! I'm an ex-athlete who stays active at least 5 times a week. I tried the Knucks body spray during my
weight training sessions and sure enough it kept my "under carriage" dry. If you are someone who is active and
simply looking for a product that works and smells good then this is it. This is my first review on a product but
it worked so well I felt the need to share.

Christian Sparacino, College Athlete

If there's one thing men love it's convenience and comfort, KNucks' refresher spray is exactly that. As a college
lacrosse player, one of the grossest experiences is putting on wet gloves after a rainy day. I constantly use this
spray on my gloves and pads after practices/games and the next day they always feel brand new and don't
leave my hands smelling awful (which would've seemed unfathomable throughout my lacrosse and hockev
career before this spray). The spray really does it all. A deodorant, "undercarriage" refresher, and a fix for
smelly, damp equipment... it's something I didn't realize I needed until I actually tried it (and loved it)!