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About the Designer & His Vision:

Nick Rico -  


I grew up in the 90's in Hudson Valley New York. If anything could be said about that time and place, fashion and style were the keys to your identity. I was the guy who would only wear name brands paired with baggy saggy pants like the rest of youths from my generation. Even though the culture has changed those values will forever live in the fabric of my DNA.


During the early stages of my career, I held two very hands-on internships in Manhattan with a fashion licensing company and in the music business while paying the bills as a visual merchandiser. My background which spans 15+ years now has been all about the hustle and hard work. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.


I'm very fortunate to have had such a diverse professional journey. After all, life is all about taking what you learned from experiences, perfecting your craft and applying it toward pursuing your dreams. Mine was to one day have my own men's lifestyle brand.  You learn a great deal about one's purpose through real-life circumstances then you could possibly imagine and that's what inspired me to create a new standard for men's underwear and personal hygiene.

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