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3 In 1 Refresher Spray

is unlike traditional deodorants and body sprays. Designed for athletes, KNucks delivers Optimum Protection for your undercarriage, underarmsbeyond in one convenient spray. Our formula contains no aluminum or talc and does it all.  Cools. Absorbs moisture. Deodorizes.  It's unique ability to apply anywhere on the body and zero residue formula are amazing features that we've put to the test and are proud to say our competitors can't match.  


Multi-Purpose Spray- Does it all. Eliminates the need for multiple products.   

Play sports- apply KNucks to sports protective gear and sweat-drenched clothes to absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

Work in extreme temps- stay dry and comfortable all day. KNucks is safe for use under work & tactical clothing.

Enjoy outdoor adventures with no access to showers such as Camping & Hiking, Don't leave home without KNucks in your backpack.  

         Clinically Tested. Zero Residue Powder





  • Contains multiple powders for absorbing moisture. 

  • Optimum protection to tackle sweat and odors.

  • Non-greasy. Drys instantly. Won't damage clothes.  

  • Aluminum & talc free. 

  • Deodorizes.

  • Hypoallergenic. Clinical safety tests involved 58- person panel.  Test results revealed no reported skin reactions.

  • Contains methyl lactate to give cooling relief without the medicinal smell. 

  • Hydrates skin with a touch of aloe   

  • Scented smells awesome but not too powerful. A fragrance-free option is available for sensitive skin. 

  • Weight: 4 oz.

REFRESHER SPRAY | UNSCENTED | 113G | 4.0OZ | Stay cool, clean and dry. Suitable for sensitive skin

Aloe vera is tropical green plants toler

REFRESHER SPRAY | ZEUS SCENT | 113G | 4.0OZ | Stay refreshed and dry instantly. 2X cooler 

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